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30 years of wholesale fabrics! Visitez notre entrepot de tissus a montreal!

Grossiste en laine polar & laine melton.

You might consider batting as it is a 100% cotton product used for quilting. We use it often for quilting.

                Simili Neoprene is a rubberized product traditionally used for padding.

                the best product for training might be Quick Dry fabric as it is breathable and as the title explains.. It dries quickly!

                We also stock Nylons such as 210 denier 420 denier, as well as cordura type 600 to 1200 denier. Commander is also a popular water-repellent product. Waterproof means 100% impermeable.

                For the skate gear and the uniform industry we carry Jogging Fleece, Jersey & Rib!

                What we call Pique is a 100% polyester fabric like the baseball uniforms.

                A popular item is the Soft-shell. It consists of a tactel bonded to polarfleece. It is a great windbreaker; people use it for jackets or capes.

                Another item is Mesh. Mesh has its use indoors for team sports or outdoors for hunting. We can print our mesh through sublimation.

                Dazzle is that shiny satin finished polyester that people use usually for team shorts and uniforms.

                We have a vast selection of evening and dancewear such as the sequins to ornament dresses.

                We have stretch lame which is a lycra with a foil topping. The Dot Foil Knit, which is a 45" non-stretch knit.

                In inventory is a super selection of organza and iridescent taffetas!

                Then crepe & chiffon for voiles and accessorizing.

                Ever dream of having a traditional oriental dress? See the chinese brocades,

                ITY is a soft jersey spandex fabric which is cold to the hand, very comfortable.

                Blizzard fleece is our star product. It is a 12 oz polar fleece. Comparable to Malden's 300 polartec.

                This blizzard fleece is not to be confused with Joann's Fabrics blizzard import fleece. Our blizzard is trademarked and nafta, knit and dyed in canada.

                We also stock Hi-Loft & arctic Fleece, which is our import version of joann's blizzard.

                Many of our home-based businesses are diaper businesses. Microfleece is the product of choice. Also nafta & produced in north america.

    Another item used in the baby product industry is Whisper Fleece. It is the softest fabric we carry. Has a little fuzzy finish that caresses the skin.

                We have a large selection of 100% Cotton items.

                The panama canvas for example is not too rigid or soft. Good for hand-bags or totes.

                We do carry heavy natural canvas as well.

                There is also a selection of over 500 prints to choose from. Sometimes used for upholstery and often used.

                We've abbreviated Printed Cotton Sheeting to PRCS. It is often ordered by quilt fabric shops,  We have competitive pricing with a selection from all top lines such as Michael Miller, spectrix, fabri-quilt, paintbrush studio, vip, benartex general fabrics and more.

                Flannel is a product that is available in width of 45" - 60" - and 90". Come see our prints.

                For decor and accessories the 100% cotton velveteen is a winner.

                The towel terry is offered in a 60" width. Colors like white, ivory are stocked in quantity.

                When it comes to durability denim has proven itself. We pick up wholesale job lots from manufacturing clear-outs to remain competitive with denim.

                For arts and crafts our muslin and felt are popular textiles.

                Comfortable pants? Corduroy will do the trick.

                Cotton Twill or drill will often be used for the working outfit. We carry the 65/35 blend in a variety of colors.

                For raincoats or surface covering we have polyurethane vinyl & plastics. For seat covers and repairing see the leatherette.

                The diaper customer makers have pooled enough interest for us to produce our own line of PUL diaper fabric.

                Fake fur (faux fur), Synthetic Fur has carried much of our success in recent years. We have a regular import line as well as stock deals. The montegro fur has been used in souvenir shops for jackets for many years, we have plains and prints!

                Then there is the plush which the mascot trade cannot go without. See our 25 color inventory of it.

                Faux Fur Regular,

                Fun Fur Polyester is a short hair fake fur. We carry the ffp in many animal prints,  it's used mostly for garments.

                Still in the fur collection we make several types of mink fur. One we called minkie as it's a thinner softer version of our mink. Swimwear fabricants will not be disappointed; we have a large variety of plain lycra, printed lycra. For those more into the maternity outfits or yoga wear like lululemon's we have cotton lycra.

                We have supplex knits sometimes. Poly Cotton & Broadcloth is another item we wholesale. For the sheets we carry 110" percale cloth with a 50/50 blend. If you want to produce Melton Wool jackets we have a vast choice with black red and ivory as a regular item. Tweed & Boiled wool is also available.

                Pet enthusiasts and dog bed fabricants love our sherpa. We have a regular stock program for berbers. An extension to our sherpa products includes curlon, bonded sherpa & hospital pad.             

                If you've been contracted by a restaurant then see our tablecloth fabric section.

                Need linen? We carry linen in many shades.

                As the world becomes more environmentally conscious organic products have taken the stage, see our eco-friendly knits and twills.

                We stock camouflage from true timber & skyline. The occasional realtree or mossy oak patterns cross our doors. A large choice of military or hunting camo is stocked including garrison, desert storm or digital green.

                There is lining in polyester, acetate and nylon. We also have a casha lining for jacket interiors.

                That summarizes our products i think.

Tissus en gros!

Wholesale fabrics. 30 years in business we have established in the fleece, softshell textile, synthetic fur, sherpa and 100% cotton prints. With brands such as Malden Mills, Blizzard fleece, Michael Miller, Spectrix, Benartex, Fabri-quilt and several other reputed quilt lines.
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